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    Cosmonauts at The Glasshouse, Pomona

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    Derek oc 2014

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    Alex oc 2014


  6. Anonymous asked: for real that anon blows my mind... when I met these dudes they were some of the nicest guys I ever met.

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    burgerama 3


  8. Anonymous asked: to that anon: all of the guys in cosomonauts have always been nothing but absolutely sweet and genuine!! They are seriously all soo nice! And so are all of their past drummers that I have met! Maybe if you meet people with a platonic friendship in mind instead of the intention of fucking them, they won't be awkward or rude to you after

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    Cosmonauts & their rental suburban. 


  10. Anonymous asked: They're all ASSHOLES but they make kickass music and one of them is really good in bed.

    lol well okay then thanks for sharing 

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    James Sanderson, Fall 2013.

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    With no warning, Cosmonauts rolled right on into their mesmerizing set of trance-filled tunes like “What Me Worry” off their Persona Non Grata album. Moving all around the stage, their energy was almost the complete opposite of the laid back music they were putting out, creating a fun atmosphere for the crowd.

    Photos: Grant Hatfield